Current Exhibit

Our Current Exhibit - A program that stirs the imagination

The Youth Museum changes its dramatic exhibits from time to time, focusing on a new theme. The current exhibit is entitled America’s Pathways to Independence. During this two hour tour, students will participate in three different exhibit areas.

The first is set in Colonial Boston where our story teller, Mercy Otis Warren, recalls events leading to the American Revolutionary War, including the Stamp Act, The Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party and The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere!

The next exhibit area provides a front row seat to several key battles during the war years and how America won its independence from England, as well as the writing of the Declaration of Independence! Storyteller Abigail Adams shares her experiences as we meet Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, a few interesting British generals, and others!

In the final exhibit area students travel to Independence Hall in Philadelphia and become delegates at the Constitutional Convention! James Madison walks us through the issues facing our leaders as they decide how the new government is to be organized. We’ll also meet Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Edmond Randolph, William Patterson, the delegates from Georgia and others! The church bells will ring in celebration as our tour ends with the birth of a new nation!

An original puppet show complements and expands upon the theme of each guided tour while introducing the children to the excitement that live theater brings to the learning experience. Our current puppet production is entitled The World of Ben Franklin, A Cat’s Tale.

The Youth Museum is pleased to provide Georgia teachers with  Post-trip activities for your students to help enhance and reinforce your visit with us. Feel free to download any or all of these activities for use in your classroom.


What the teachers are saying:

"A pefect blend of learning and fun"
"The students loved acting out the skits. If they are doing, they are learning"
"We enjoy this field trip every year"
"My students will never forget their visit"
"What wonderfully prepared docents"
"The museum meets every standard we teach in the fourth grade"