We have pre-assembled “Grab & Go” gift shop packages at varying prices. These allow students who wish to purchase gift shop items the opportunity to do so easily and quickly! Download instructions and student order forms by clicking the Grab & Go Form link below.

Bring the included tally list to the Museum the day of your tour, along with the cash collected. We’ll take it when you first arrive, and put all orders in a shopping bag to take with you when your tour is complete! Individual bags are sealed and labeled and your list will be returned for easy distribution.

We will make every effort to supply the selected gift shop packages. We reserve the right to make substitutions of equal value for an item in packet due to availability from our suppliers. Thank you for supporting The Youth Museum!

For questions or to place an order for a "Grab & Go" gift shop package, please email us at or call 770-427-2563.


  1. Economy Package - Includes Flip Stick and Hi Bounce Ball
  2. Action Package - Includes YM Frisbee and Hi Bounce Ball
  3. Basic Indian Package - Includes Arrowhead Necklace & Large Dream Catcher
  4. Patriotic Package - Includes Replica of U.S. Constitution, Quill Pen, and Patriotic Wristband
  5. Deluxe Indian Package - Includes a Feather Indian Headdress and A Dream Catcher Necklace
  6. Rocky Package - Includes Youth Museum Rock Pencil, Arrowhead & Onyx Animal
  7. Gemstone Package - Includes Youth Museum Rock Pencil & Gemstone Heart Necklace